Zebra Jasper Tumbled Stones

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Zebra Jasper can come in a variety of colors, these tumbled stones are brown and white and measure approximately 1/2" - 3/4".  The coloring, shape and size will vary with each stone.

Jasper is very calming and resonates very well with the Root Chakra.  Zebra Jasper specifically is not only very grounding but it helps us to become optimistic and tackle those life problems that tend to keep people from moving forward.  When you meditate with a Zebra Jasper stone, you become grounded and centered.  It helps to increase your compassion and understanding of others and physically can help you increase your stamina.

The Zebra Jasper stone was formed over 600 million years ago, clay deposits were compacted into layers which is how it gets that unique banded design that is characteristic of this stone.  You may find that these bands are straight, wavy or even spotted. 

Active people benefit from using this stone because it helps increase physical endurance and boosts energy. 

Chakras: Root, All Chakras
MOHS: 3.5 - 5