White Howlite Tumbled Stone

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Howlite has a very distinctive look with the grey markings.  This Howlite is white but you will also find it dyed in other colors such as blue.

Howlite is a very subtle stone and works well with the 3rd Eye Chakra and has been called the "attunement stone" because it helps link the wearer to their higher consciousness. 

Other attributes of howlite:

  • Brings mental awareness
  • Facilitates calm communication
  • Helps with past life issues
  • Opens the 3rd Eye in preparation for attunements
  • Helps calm stress

It is a very soft stone, about 3 on the mohs hardness scale so you would not want to cleanse these stones with water.  Using high amplitude sound or sage would be a better choice. 

Chakras: Crown, 3rd Eye
MOHS: 2.5 - 3.5