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It is said to be a communication enhancer with other worlds as well as encourage spiritual growth. It is known to raise vibrations and strengthen the aura. It is a strong psychic protection stone and is said to help deter negative energies.

Our tektite stones will vary in size and shape but on average measure about 1/2" diameter.

As a psychic stone, the more you work with it the stronger it will become in helping you with telepathy, lucid dreaming and even astral travel.  Carrying it regularly will also help thin the veil between dimensions which makes communication much easier.

Tektite helps you release bad experiences, it helps you to remember lessons learned so you can concentrate on the things that are conducive to your spiritual growth. 

Tektite has been worn as talismans for fertility and physically, it is said to help reduce fevers and aid in better blood circulation.

In many cultures, the Tektite is known to be a good luck stone.

There is controversy and many theories about how Tektite is/was formed.  Some say it is a meteorite and others say that they were formed by some sort of atomic explosion. Then, there are some that say it is not a meteorite but instead, natural glass that was formed when a meteorite hit the earth and melted the local rocks. 

Chakras: Crown 
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer
Number Vibration: 9
MOHS: 5 - 6