Ruby Spheres (1" - 1 1/2")

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These deeply loving small Ruby spheres measure 1" - 1 1/2" diameter.  Don't let the size fool you though, the energy of the Ruby is powerful and one of these spheres will make a great addition to any collection.  

These spheres are authentic Ruby, not synthetic (man made) material.  The energy is amazing.

The ruby is a deeply loving stone and protective stone, it helps us to see and feel true love. Use the Ruby to become a vehicle through which Divine Love can flow to others. This powerful love stone opens and activates the Heart Chakra and protects us against the loss of heart energy.

  • Opens and activates the Heart Chakra
  • Dissolves emotional congestion
  • Balances emotions
  • Helps us to connect to others emotionally
  • Stimulates loving emotions
  • Helps us to express love easier
  • Helps to facilitate passion and bliss
  • Shields us against psychic and emotional attacks

Who is the Ruby good for? Aries, Cancer, and Leo

Ever wonder where the Ruby gets its color from? Here is a little Science for you! Because of the type of stone that it is, it grows in tabular crystals and is a type of corundum. The deep red color comes from the small amounts of trivalent Chromium that replaces the Aluminum in the crystal structure.

The size and coloring of each Ruby sphere may vary slightly from stone to stone as each one is a treasure from good ol' Mother Earth.

Chakra: Heart, Root

Mohs Hardness: 9