Rose Quartz Points (4")

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Rose Quartz Points average about 4" tall and 1.15" diameter. Every piece is a one of a kind unique gift from Mother Earth so they will vary from stone to stone.
Rose Quartz comes in a wide array of pink shades, it is a stone of unconditional love.  What gives it the color is the microscopic inclusions of dumortierite.
It is commonly found all over the world and a favorite healing stone amongst energy healers. It is used with the Heart Chakra and for healing matters of the heart such as love for others, love for yourself, love for family, love for friends and of course....romantic love.
It is a type of quartz so it does have that nice high vibration but it is also very calming and soothing to work with.  The Maganese that is also in the stone is why it resonates with our Heart so well. It helps us release resentment, anger, jealousy and all other negative emotions.
Meditate with it or simply put a piece of rose quartz next to your bed to attract love into your life. Use the Rose Quartz tumbled stone when you are building crystal grids too! It is a common stone to use in grids to manifest your dreams.  If your grid is for Love or Romance, this is the stone to use!