Rose Quartz Faceted Pendulum

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Our Rose Quartz pendulums are made with a good quality crystal and polished nicely. These particular pendulums are 6 sided. Every one of our pendulums are unique, some may be thinner or thicker, longer or shorter but they all come on a nice silver colored chain with a silver colored ball on the end for easy hanging. The color will also range from very light to dark.

Some people prefer these faceted pendulums over the rounded ones because they feel that the facets help guide them a little better during a scrying session.

Rose Quartz is the "Love" stone. It is great to use when working with the Heart Chakra.Using the Rose Quartz pendulum over your Heart Chakra will help to open it up and allow love in while letting other things go such as jealousy and resentment. It will allow you to be able to forgive.
Please note that each piece is a unique specimen from mother earth and the color and size may vary slightly from the images shown.