Polished Amethyst Druse Cylinder Bottle Stopper

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This gorgeous polished amethyst druse wine bottle topper will dress up any wine bottle and certainly make the wine drinker happy! A druse is the inside of a geode that can take many hundreds of thousands of years to grow. Because these are hand selected, natural stones, the size and shape will vary from the image shown.

The stopper will fit most bottles and has rubber rings to help give it a nice snug fit.

  • Beautiful and unique, hand selected, all natural amethyst druse crystal
  • Air tight seal keeps wine and other beverages fresh!
  • The rust free electroplated plated stopper itself measures 2.5" with a rubber gasket at 2"allowing your stone to handsomely sit at least 1/2" above the bottle top. Spruce up your home, bar, or restaurant!
  • Makes the perfect gift for the wine drinker in your family