Lepidolite Slice

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Lepidolite is a very calming stone, it helps combat anxiety and depression.  Lepidolite is made up of lithium and mica.  You may be aware that lithium is a mineral that is used as a medication to treat anxiety and depression and most commonly know to treat bi-polar disorders but this is what it is prior to it becoming medication.
These lithium slices are from Brazil but they do come from the United States too. This is it's natural form, sheets of lavender colored crystalized mica that has a beautiful glitter while in the sunlight. 
When treating anxiety, another stone that compliments this stone is Amazonite.  Together these two stones create a calm energy.
The size of these slices will vary but average about 1 1/2" diameter.  Every piece is unique and one of a kind.  When you order these slices, we hand select the best from what we have available just for you.