Hematite Ring

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Hematite dome rings come in a variety of sizes.  Wear them for fashion or to help with minor arthritic pain.  Hematite has a variety of healing qualities that include giving the wearer energy, helping you stay focused, help with balance and help with pain.
Hematite is a nice grounding stone and protecting stone. It helps to shield the wearer against negative energy as well as geopathic stress. Because it is a ferromagnetic stone, it also helps you to feel more balanced and help with worry or trouble focusing. Some say wearing these light magnetic stone bracelets will also help with minor joint pain.
Use Hematite when:
  • You are stressed or worried
  • You need to be more grounded
  • You feel you need protection against negativity
  • You are having trouble focusing
  • You need to be more balanced
  • You need a confidence boost
  • You need more energy or self-confidence
Caution: Hematite is a ferromagnetic stone and may contain a slight magnetic charge.  It is not recommended for use with people who wear a pacemaker.  If you have any doubt, please consult your doctor before working with this stone.
Chakras: Root
MOHS: 5 - 6