6mm Hematite Bracelet

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These stretchy hematite bracelets are made up of polished, round, 6mm diameter hematite stones.  Image in photo is not actual size.

Hematite is one of The Crystal Girls favorite stones, it is a very protective and grounding stone. Working with your Root Chakra, it helps to boost confidence and provide strength but will also calm you when you become stressed or worried.

Great protector against electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress and it is also good for your liver and blood. Being made of iron, this stone really resonates with your Root Chakra.

Carry Hematite when you are in need of balance in your life or if you are having difficulty focusing.

Chakra: Root

Mohs Hardness: 5 - 6

Caution: Natural Hematite is a ferromagnetic stone and is made of magnetite and iron. It may contain a slight magnetic charge. Please check with your doctor before working with this crystal if you wear a pacemaker