Gypsum Selenite Desert Rose Specimen (3lbs)

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This very uniquely shaped piece of Gypsum Selenite Desert Rose measures 8 1/2" long and is 5" wide and is 4" thick.  It weighs 3 lbs and was originally found in Mexico.

Desert Roses are very delicate specimens (only 2 on the mohs hardness scale) but they have a very high vibration which makes them wonderful stones to work with the Crown Chakra and help us in connecting with our spirit guides or to help increase our intuition.  

When using the Desert Rose in connection with the Crown Chakra you will not only increase your intuitiveness and psychic abilities but it helps with creativity too.

Although the Desert Rose has a high vibrational energy, it does also have a soothing and calming effect. 


    Chakras: Root, Crown
    MOHS: 2