Green Aventurine Dangle Wish Necklace

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The dangle necklace is new to our collection and quickly becoming popular with it's beautiful locket that can hold a small crystal. The antique look on the silver tone chain gives it a classic and timeless look that will never go out of style. The chain itself has approximately 50 (or more) authentic crystals (clear and green aventurine) with another 15 - 18 more crystals dangling from the bottom of the locket. That's a lot of crystals!

What we LOVE about this necklace is that you can give yourself a new look and feel each and every day by simply putting in a different crystal (not included) into the locket. Change out your crystal depending on what is going on in your life that day. Need some TLC? Add a Rose Quartz, how about some grounding? Well, then, add a nice tourmaline.

Change the stone and you change the energy completely!

The locket hangs about 18" but is adjustable to 20" with it's lobster clasp and the "dangles" add another 2 - 3 inches.

This locket is available in different stone options but this one is all clear quartz crystals. The clear quartz is the stone of power and it amplifies the energy and intentions of everything (including all other stones). It raises consciousness toward enlightenment and is said to be the most powerful healing stone in the mineral world!