Goldstone Tumbled Stone

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As beautiful as Goldstone is, it is actually one of our very few synthetic stones.  Goldstone sparkles like the sun due to the flecks of copper that are integrated into this stone.  Goldstone, sometimes referred to as Monk’s Stone or Monkgold comes with an interesting story as to it’s origin.  The stories say that Alchemist Monks were attempting to make gold and during this process, they accidentally knocked some copper flecks into a vat of molten glass. This is where the names Monk’s Stone and Monkgold come from.

Goldstone helps to boost our lifes force energy, strengthens our inner self and because of the copper, it also helps with our circulatory system.  It is good for easing arthritic pain and reducing overall inflammation in the body.


Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus