Garnet Tumbled Stone

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Garnets are used to inspire Love and Passion.  It is a truly sexy stone that works well with the Sacral Chakra. Use it when you want to spark some passion in the bedroom. It is also a stone of commitment, devotion, loyalty and helps to develop relationships of all kinds, loving relationships as well as professional relationships.
Garnet is a good stone to use for depression and will help with anger issues.  The deep fire red color in the Garnet is said to be able to "light a fire" under you when you need it and stimulate the survival instinct which strengthens your will power.
Currently, we have two sizes available in these tumbled garnets:
  • Small - Average about 1/2" to 3/4" diameter
  • Large - Average about 1" to 1 3/4" diameter
Although they are tumbled, you will still see some of the natural crevices that the Garnet has.  The color shading will vary with each stone but do resemble the photos shown.
Chakras: Root, Heart, Sacral
MOHS: 6 - 7.5