Garnet Faceted Polished Gemstones

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NEW! Our polished faceted Garnets are amazing stones.  The beautiful facets make each piece unique.  They will range in size from 5/8 - 1" diameter and will vary in size and shape.
Garnet is used to inspire Love and Passion.  It is a truly sexy stone that works well with the Sacral Chakra. Use it when you want to spark some passion in the bedroom. It is also a stone of commitment, devotion, loyalty and helps to develop relationships of all kinds, loving relationships as well as professional relationships.
Garnet is a good stone to use for depression and will help with anger issues.  The deep fire red color in the Garnet is said to be able to "light a fire" under you when you need it and stimulate the survival instinct which strengthens your will power.
Chakras: Root, Heart, Sacral
MOHS: 6 - 7.5