Fluorite Obelisks

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These Fluorite obelisks are thick starting at about 30" diameter and stand from 4 - 6 1/2" tall, they are wonderful to use in the center of a grid or beautiful enough to stand alone as a beautiful decoration on your mantle.  Where ever you choose to use it, it will surely change the energy of it's surrounding.
The Fluorite towers will vary in coloring and shape meaning some are thinner and taller while others are thicker and shorter.  We sell them by weight, not by height.  These are the sizes we currently have in stock:
  • Small - Weighs 12 oz to 1 lb, measures 30 - 45mm diameter, stands 4 - 5" tall
  • Medium - Weighs up to 1.5lbs and measures 40 - 45mm diameter, stands 4 1/2 - 6" tall
  • Large - Weighs up to 2lbs and measures 40 - 55mm diameter and can stand up to 6 1/2" tall
The amazing thing about Fluorite is the range and combination of natural colors that it comes in.  It is a very high vibration stone ranging from a 7 to a 9 on the vibration scale (depending on the color).  The purple stones are great for working with your upper Chakras and the green color is an amazing Heart Chakra stone.
When you are working with your upper Chakras, the Fluorite will help heighten your intuitive and psychic abilities and helps you to link to that universal consciousness.
Purple Fluorite is wonderful to use with your 3rd Eye Chakra.  Because of its high vibration, it is going to help you with your intuitive abilities.
Green Fluorite is a healing stone.  Although it aids in the access to your intuition, it can also help to absorb any negative energies around you and your aura. The Green fluorite is often used to clear the Chakras and can also help with headaches.
Clear Fluorite helps with the Crown Chakra and helps to align all your Chakras.
Chakras: Varies by Color