Fluorite Double Terminated Wand (3" - 3 1/2")

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Fluorite double terminated points are great tools to use for the crystal healer.  The energy comes from both sides of the wand which make this piece a wonderful tool to clear blockages...especially from your Chakras. 
These double terminated wands measure on average from 3" - 3 1/2" long and have an average diameter of 16mm to 19mm.  The size, diameter and coloring of these points will vary from stone to stone with the majority of the coloring being green and purple.
The amazing thing about Fluorite is the range and combination of natural colors that it comes in.  It is a very high vibration stone ranging from a 7 to a 9 on the vibration scale (depending on the color).  The purple stones are great for working with your upper Chakras and the green color is an amazing Heart Chakra stone.
When you are working with your upper Chakras, the Fluorite will help heighten your intuitive and psychic abilities and helps you to link to that universal consciousness.
Purple Fluorite is wonderful to use with your 3rd Eye Chakra.  Because of its high vibration, it is going to help you with your intuitive abilities.
Green Fluorite is a healing stone.  Although it aids in the access to your intuition, it can also help to absorb any negative energies around you and your aura. The Green fluorite is often used to clear the Chakras and can also help with headaches.
Clear Fluorite helps with the Crown Chakra and helps to align all your Chakras.
Chakras: Varies by Color