Clear Quartz Obelisk - 3.5"

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This beautiful specimen stands 3.50" tall and measures 1.77" x 2.20" wide.  Even though it is not a very tall piece, it has some girth and it has clarity.  It also has a beveled bottom and is polished well making this clear quartz obelisk an amazing piece to add to your collection.
This is from our specimens which means that the photo you see is the item you will receive. It weighs 13.6 oz.
The Clear Quartz is the most powerful stone and amplifies the energies of all other stones.   It is an amplifier stone which means that when it is placed with other stones, it will enhance and strengthen the energy of those other stones. Because of this, it is often referred to as the "Master Healer" stone.
Clear Quartz are very programmable and will hold information much longer than any other mineral.