Citrine Point Bottle Stopper

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The citrine crystal has a lot of energy.  It works with your Solar Plexus to give us our drive and it looks fantastic in a wine bottle. The size and shape will vary from the image shown since the stones are natural and one of a kind beauties provided by wonderful Mother Earth.

The stopper will fit most bottles and has rubber rings to help give it a nice snug fit.

  • Beautiful and unique, hand selected, all natural citrine crystal
  • Air tight seal keeps wine and other beverages fresh!
  • The rust free electroplated plated stopper itself measures 2.5" with a rubber gasket at 2"allowing your stone to handsomely sit at least 1/2" above the bottle top. Spruce up your home, bar, or restaurant!
  • Makes the perfect gift for the wine drinker in your family