Cherry Quartz Tumbled Stone

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Cherry Quartz sounds yummy but you don't want to eat these beautiful man made crystals.....Yes, man made, not natural.  It is made with reconstituted quartz and cinnabar.  These minerals are melted down and cooled quickly just like glass.

It is the Cinnabar mineral that adds the color striations to the stone giving it that cloud like effect.  So, although it is man-made, it starts with the natural stone from Mother Earth with a little flare added to it.  It is basically a dyed quartz but many people do enjoy the energy of this stone, after all, it does have a quartz base.

So, because of the quartz base, it does have high energy and will help to keep you energized and give you courage, confidence and help you to achieve your life goals.  Use this stone when you feel a loss of energy or lethargic.

Cherry Quartz will help to spark creativity as well as help with concentration, it is a great stone for students.

Chakras: Heart