Cherry Quartz Tumbled Stone Bracelet

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These wonderful Cherry Quartz bracelets are made up of small tumbled stones string together with a stretchy cord.  Although the average diameter of the bracelets is 7" since it is stretchy, they fit most wrists very comfortably.

The Cherry Quartz stones range in color from an almost translucent pink to a darker pink color. The shape of each stone will vary as well but the average size is about 10mm long.  Some are larger and some are smaller, this gives this bracelet so much character. 

Yes, Cherry Quartz is man made, not natural.  It is made with reconstituted quartz and cinnabar.  These minerals are melted down and cooled quickly just like glass.  This doesn't mean that it doesn't have healing qualities though, it is still a base of clear quartz which as you know is a wonderfully strong healing crystal.

Cherry Quartz is a good stone to keep you energized and give you courage, confidence and help you to achieve your life goals.