Charoite Tumbled Stone

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Charoite is not a common stone, in fact, it is pretty rare and unusual.  The coloring of this stone is absolutely beautiful with the swirls of purples, lavenders and then blended with the creamy hues of pearly cream color.  It is found only one place in the world which is along the Chary River in Russia. 
These stones are about 1" wide by 1/2" to 1" tall, some are a little bigger. The color pattern, shading and shape will vary but will resemble the image shown.
Some of the attributes of this beautiful stone are:
  • Removes and transmutes negative energy
  • Helps to overcome obsessive/compulsive disorders and behaviors
  • Helps us to face our fears
  • Teaches us to live in the here and now
  • Enhances past life visions
Charoite is a stone that provides healing on all levels - emotional, spiritual and physical.
Working with your Heart Chakra, it opens up your heart so that you can see and feel love more deeply.
When working with your 3rd Eye Chakra it will help you raise your vibration and keep you there in that state so that you can receive information more clearly. It will help you receive answers you need while in this state of meditation.
Chakras: 3rd Eye, Heart, Crown