Black Obsidian Bracelet

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Our Black Obsidian bracelets are extremely popular because of their wonderful ability to provide deep grounding and protection to the wearer. Black Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that is formed by lava that was cooled very quickly.  So, although they come from the earth and are made by mother nature, they are not really considered a true mineral.

The stones used in these bracelets are tumbled, not round and will vary in size and shape.  An average size stone is about 9mm but they will range from about 6mm to 12mm.

Black Obsidian is from the Earth and provides us with wonderful grounding as well as protection from electromagnetic pollution and negative energy.  It is a good stone to wear if you are an empathic person or work as an energy healer or are intuitive.

Here are some other healing qualities of the black obsidian:

  • Protection against all negative energies
  • Can remove negative energies and negative feelings
  • Helps us rid jealousy, resentment and greed 

Although the bracelets measure approximately 7" diameter, they are made of a stretchy cord and therefore will fit most wrists comfortably.

You can also mix and match these bracelets to provide yourself with even more healing energy.