Chrysocolla Sphere (50mm)

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This beautiful specimen was mined in Peru, it measures slightly under 50mm diameter and has beautiful coloring.  We only have one of these beauties!
Chrysocolla can be found wherever copper is being mined.  It is even sometimes found mixed with Malachite, Azurite or Turquoise.   It is a very peaceful stone with soothing energy so it is a good choice to use during times of stress. These stones slightly resemble a robin's egg because of the shape and coloring. 
Chrysocolla is a wonderfully powerful stone as it works with many Chakras and helps to ward off negative energies.
When working with the Throat Chakra, Chrysocola will aid in communication and speaking your truth but it is also used with the Heart Chakra to balance and strengthen your Heart Aura. For the Solar Plexus, Chrysocola helps strengthen to build your power and calms any unbalanced emotions. When used with the 3rd Eye Chakra it helps bring visions and knowledge into conscious awareness.
Chakras: Heart, 3rd Eye, Throat, Thymus
MOHS: 2 - 3