Black Obsidian Sphere (45mm - 50mm)

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The 45mm - 50mm Black Obsidian Sphere is actually not a crystal, it is volcanic glass that cooled very rapidly.  This gives it a different molecular structure than crystals that are formed over thousands and millions of years cooling very slowly.  Even so, Black Obsidian is a super powerful grounding stone.  It is used for healing and releasing energy blockages as well as provides protection against psychic attacks. 
The Black Obsidian works with the Root Chakra helping to clear out all negative energies such as greed, jealousy and resentment.  
Black Obsidian works very quickly.....When you use it for healing, it tends to get to the root of the issue swiftly and will move it to the surface to be faced and resolved.  This is especially true if you are dealing with a medical issue that may have an emotional root cause. If you (or your client) are not ready to face these truths, it may be difficult for them to heal.  So, the Black Obsidian will quickly discover your issues but you need to be sure you are ready to deal with them.
Because the Black Obsidian is such a powerful, protective stone, many healers tend to choose this stone.  If you are an empathic person, this is a good stone to use because it will help to shield you against all the energies that are floating around all the people you encounter during the day.  It will shield against physical, mental and emotional as well as spirit bodies.  It is a popular stone amongst psychics and mediums for this very reason.
Be very careful though.....because the Black Obsidian is so powerful and grounding, it is not recommended for someone who is depressed or suffering from grief.  The deep grounding energies of the Black Obsidian may pull down this person even deeper into their emotional hole and make it much harder for them to come out of it.
If you want a powerful protective stone, this is a good choice!
Chakras: Root
MOHS: 5 - 5.5