30mm - 35mm Clear Quartz Sphere

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 Small size Clear Quartz sphere allows for its energy to flow from all around the sphere.  It is a little different than the energy flow from a point and a sphere is great to use in the center of a crystal grid.
The Clear Quartz Crystal is said to be the most powerful crystal known and it is also an amplifier of energy.  It will amplify the energy of other crystals as well so when you really want to pack a punch with your other crystals, just add a Clear Quartz to the mix!
These spheres measure from 30 to 35mm diameter which makes them from 1.18" to 1.37", each sphere is unique because it is a natural stone from the Earth that has been polished.  The coloring, swirls and natural blemishes will all vary from stone to stone.
When you order a sphere, we hand pick the best we have available for you!