3" Amethyst Druse Hearts

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Amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone. It can transmute lower vibrations to higher frequencies, transforming negative energy to love energy. It reduces negative energy and is wonderful for meditations and developing intuition and psychic abilities. 

The amethyst is such a wonderful stone because it is used for so many different things, it is most certainly a must have for crystal healers to have in their tool box.

Here are some other symptoms that Amethyst is good for:

  • Addictions: Smoking, Alcohol, Medications and Addictive Relationships.
  • Calming: Reduces stresses, reduces anxiety
  • Brain Health: Good for over-all brain health, the pineal & pituitary glands, helps with headaches, migraines and even helps strengthen your memory.
  • Sleeping: Helps with nightmares, Insomnia, enhances and helps you to remember your dreams.
  • Skin: Itching, Rashes, Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Psychic/Meditation: Great with meditation, it can help you get into that meditative state a little easier and faster and then stay there longer while developing your intuition and mediumship skills. Connecting with your higher self and your inner child, expanding your consciousness.
  • Psychic Protection: Aura protection, deflects negative energies and transmutes negative energies into positive energies.
  • Physical Healing: The amethyst is a great stone for over-all physical healing. It is good to use after surgeries, good for blood clotting and blood sugar balancing and strengthens he immune system.

Have OCD? Carry around an amethyst to help keep you calm and focused. It can even help with the process of dying and transitioning into the spirit world! The list goes on and on.....

Chakra: 3rd Eye, Crown

Mohs Hardness: 7
This piece is a cutie!  It is small in size, 3" wide by 3" tall and has small druse teeth in a nice dark color purple. As it is a gift from Mother Earth, it does come from the ground so there may be evidence of some small dirt particles showing in between the teeth.  You can see in the photo exactly what it looks like as this is the exact piece you will be shipped.  There is only one piece like this. This piece was mined in Uruguay.
It weighs 9.2 oz and measures 3" diameter all the way around.