2" Blue Calcite Slab

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Like all calcites, the Blue Calcite helps to regulate our flow of energy within our body. The Blue Calcite works well with our 3rd Eye Chakra helping to enhance our intuition and psychic abilities.  It also works with the Throat Chakra so when you get "information" from your higher self you are able to communicate it much clearer and easier.
At home or in the office it is said to help keep thieves away.  Put it anywhere that a thief might be able to enter your space and it will discourage them.  You can also set it out in plain site to help encourage good, honest communication.  This might work well in your workplace or in your home.
The Blue Calcite helps to rid all that chatter you might have going on in your head.  If you have writers block, this is a good stone for you to use. It increases creativity and motivates inspirational thinking!
Chakras: Throat, 3rd Eye
MOHS: 2.5 - 3