Sodalite Heart (1 1/2")

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Sodalite hearts measure approximately 1 1/2" diameter and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand which makes them great for meditating. 
Sodalite works with both the Throat and 3rd Eye Chakras.  It is as stone for communication and logic.  It is a stone of truth and brings this through in all aspects of communication helping to improve relationships.
  • Stimulates thought
  • Can help to end arguments or disagreements
  • Helps communicate honesty
  • Increases intelligence
  • Promotes inner peace
  • Reduces anxiety and tension
Physically it is beneficial for our glands, digestive system, lymphs, diabetes, insomnia and decreasing calcium deficiency. Resonating with the Heart Chakra, it also helps to improve blood pressure.
Chakras: Throat, 3rd Eye

MOHS: 5.5 - 6