Our Story

The Crystal Girl Story

Lisa, aka The Crystal Girl is a Reiki Master, a Certified Crystal Healer, and a Medium. 

In her adult life, Lisa dealt with chronic pain for many years. There were many diagnosis' and miss-diagnosis', medications, and procedures but no relief. She was told a cervical fusion was necessary and that would also relieve her pain. Not only did it not relieve the pain, it left her paralyzed on her right side for 4 months and in excruciating pain. Physical therapy, hard work, and faith helped. Lisa regained movement of her right arm, however, there is permanent nerve damage as a result of the surgery which meant medication for the rest of her life. Right in the middle of it all, there was a death in the family. Her sister had lost her only child. Kyle was only 3 weeks from his 21st birthday and home from college for Christmas break. On Christmas Eve, he was involved in an auto accident that took his life and changed the lives the entire family. Now Lisa was physically and emotionally wiped out.

Looking for something other than "meds", Lisa sought out on a quest to find some relief for her physical and emotional pain and that is when she discovered energy healing. Although she communicated with the Other Side, she is a very skeptic person by nature so she didn't accept this all that quickly until she had a session of her own. She went home and realized a few days later that she hadn't had to take as much medication as she normally would have. There might be something to this stuff after all, she thought. Before she could accept that a simple energy healing session could really make a difference she went for other sessions, tried out other people, and educated herself so much so that she ended up being a Reiki Master. 

Then she bought a crystal, just a single crystal.....

The Crystal Girl name was given to her by her customers.  She worked out of several shops teaching crystal classes and offering crystal healings.  She was always referred to as "The Crystal Girl" so it just seemed natural to start calling herself this too.

Like everything else, crystals have energy too. Lisa, being a Certified Crystal Healer, has an understanding of the human electromagnetic field and of how crystals interact with it. She is trained how to recognize and remedy energetic imbalances and/or blockages within this field using crystal energy. All of Lisa's crystals are cleansed and activated with the infinite Love of Reiki for the highest good of all prior to using them on any client.  Now Lisa has thousands of crystals at any given time and it all started from that one little crystal!  She loves crystals, loves to teach about them, loves to use them in healing sessions and most of all she loves to hear others tell about how her crystals helped them in some way. Although she is a teacher, she will always consider herself a student first as she loves to learn about crystals and energy healing. Lisa does teach classes, she does private sessions and yes....she also sells a whole lot of crystals!