Stromatolite is a combination of several minerals including Jasper, Silicon Dioxide with impurities and iron oxides.  Stromatolites are actually composed of the fossilized remains of colonies of blue and green algae which is called cyanobacteria.  This is strange because the stones themselves are actually shades of brown and can resemble fossilized wood.  It has been said by many scientists that the bacteria that makes up these Stromatolites are the earliest life form on Earth.
Spiritually, Stromatolite is very grounding and works with both the Root Chakra as well as the Heart Chakra. It helps us to understand our life's lessons while accepting these lessons as personal growth. Meditating with this stone will help you to be able to accept people as they are and to be more accepting.  You may find yourself with a new attitude once you start working with this stone.....such as being able to just "Go with the flow" and see things with a more open mind.
Use this stone when you need:
  • Grounding
  • Clarity
  • Stability
  • Resilience and Versatility
Chakras: Root, Heart
Astrological Sign:
Number Vibration:
MOHS: 6.5 - 7
Chemical Comp:

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