Ruby in Zoisite

Ruby with Zoisite is a wonderful stone to work with your Heart Chakra, it is a deeply loving stone. It is a powerful heart stone and is used to help connect people emotionally while stimulating love and the expression of love.  It can facilitate states of extreme passion and bliss.  It also helps to keep us on a nice even emotional field and regulate mood swings.

Ruby in Zoisite will transmute negative energy while turning it into positive energy.  This is especially helpful when dealing with loss and the grieving process. It will allow us to release pain and sorrow and help us to get on with our life.  

It can also help us with physical issues with our heart such as calming a racing heartbeat and maintain our equilibrium - especially during times of extreme stress.  It helps relieve inflammation and helps strengthen our immune system, lungs, heart and even helps with our reproductive system!  Need to increase fertility? Ruby with Zoisite can help heal problems that are associated with our reproductive organs while increasing our fertility in women and men.  It is also very helpful after a miscarriage or hysterectomy.

Zoisite is a stone that helps keep us from being lazy, it sparks that "get up and go" inside of each one of us.  It helps you get back lost creativity so we can really focus on what we enjoy in life.

Because Zoisite is associated with the Earth element, it also encourages us to get out and enjoy nature but it can also help us in the workplace by helping to keep us on track even if you have a job that has constant interruptions. you get a lot of unwanted callers?  Keep the Ruby with Zoisite on your desk by your phone to help keep them at bay.


Ruby with Zoisite is a stone that will help to enhance psychic abilities. It is a great stone to help with communicating with your spirit guides too.  It heightens spirituality when used with your Crown Chakra.

Chakras: Heart, Crown
Astrological Sign: Aries, Aquarius
Number Vibration: 2
MOHS: Zoisite 6.5 - 7, Ruby 9
Chemical Comp: Ca2Al3 (Sio4)3(OH) Calcium Aluminum Silicate 
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