Root Chakra

Find stones to work with your Root Chakra.  Although the stones listed in this section are a good representation of what you can use, they are not the only stones you can use for this Chakra.

The Root Chakra is where we feel secure.  It is concerned with grounding and physical survival. In this space is where all our basic survival instincts live.

Physically, it relates to our legs, feet, bones, intestine and adrenal glands.

When this Chakra is balanced, We feel healthy and Strong, full of vitality and are optimistic about our future and finances. We feel secure in our lives.

 ·Relates to the physical body and our basic survival needs from such as food and shelter and financial security

·Our basic instincts, impulses and overall sense of security reside in this Chakra.

·The root Chakra is where we become grounded to Mother Earth.

·All matters relating to the material world reside in this Chakra such as our success, physical body, stability, courage and patience.

 An imbalance can cause selfishness, aggression, anxiety, greed and inability to complete things. One can begin to become overly concerned with one's physical survival also develop weight issues. It can cause tension in the spine and constipation.

Color: Deep Red
Location: Base of the Spine
Mantra: I am healthy, strong and optimistic about my future