Green Opal

Opals have the same chemical composition as Quartz but they also contain up to 2% water and they are not crystalized. So, they are basically silicon dioxide and the coloring of an Opal can range from being really transparent to a very opaque color which is one of the reasons Opals are so popular.  They grow in the veins and nodules of cavities and cracks of rocks that are full of silica, mostly from Australia.  In fact, 97% of all Opals come from Australia.  The rest is found in the USA, Mexico, Peru and Brazil.

Opals are amazing stones, I'm sure everyone would agree that all opals, regardless of the type are some of the most beautiful stones in the world.  Opals have a soft, even energy that promote a sense of serenity which eases depression and relieves stress. The soothing nature of the opal also serves as a source of protection, shielding us from negative or unpleasant energies.

Precious Opal relieves   any issues a child may have with an invisible or imaginary friend, and is especially helpful before sleep if the child wishes the friend to go away at bedtime. [Simmons, Ahsian, 290-291][Eason, 304][Megemont, 141]

Opal is a seductive stone, associated with love and passion, desire and eroticism. It can be used to intensify what one is feeling and to release inhibitions; however the stone can divide and scatter energy so one should be well-centered before using Opal to explore or amplify feelings. Have other stones standing by to aid integration. [Hall, 209][Melody, 452][Hall En, 254]

There are many types of Opals, some of them are listed here:

Green Opal - Green Opal is known as the stone of change. It helps us during times of transition in our lives.  The Crystal Girls Green Opals come from Madagascar.

Besides being one of the most beautiful stones available, it is also a very spiritual stone. It helps us to release fear, open up to divine energy during meditation and because of the amazing gentle energy that comes from the green opal, it is a great stone to assist us in the process of grief.

It also helps strengthen all types of relationships whether it is romantic, friends, family or even a business relationship.  

The Green Opal is a stone that helps with mental clarity too. Meditating with it will help give you a new perspective in life and can help relieve you of mental and physical exhaustion. 


Chakras: Heart
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Number Vibration: 
MOHS: 5 - 6

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