Herkimer Diamonds

Although the Herkimer Diamond isn't chemically a diamond, it does resemble one quite a bit.  It has the same look, clarity and sparkle of a diamond but in reality they are a rare type of Clear Quartz crystal that are found in Herkimer, New York which is where their name comes from.
The Herkimer Diamond is considered an "attunement" stone and works well with the Crown and 3rd Eye Chakra and it aligns to the 8th Chakra.  It is a powerful wish fulfillment stone. They are often used in Reiki and other energy healing work in combination with attunements.
The Herkimer Diamond is naturally formed as a double terminated quartz crystal but does come in many different sizes.  There are many grades of stone available.  Some are very clear while others do have inclusions and visible dark markings.  Regardless of the clarity, they all work the same however the clear stones are much more highly sought after and are usually much more expensive.
In crystal healing, the Herkimer Diamond is often used at the Crown Chakra either by itself or in addition to another stone (usually the quartz crystals point).  When used with the Quartz Crystal, the effects of the Herkimer Diamond are enhanced quite a bit and it increases the flow of energy going through the Crown Chakra.
Chakras: 3rd Eye, Crown
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius, Aries
Number Vibration: 3
Chemical Comp: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide
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