Halite is an interesting stone, it is actually salt and often referred to as rock salt.  It grows in cubes and is found in solid masses. It can be found in lakes that are rich in salt and in areas that are below sea level that do not have an outlet to the ocean. So, how is it made?  During the dry seasons, the lakes evaporate which causes the water to evaporate and increases the salinity.  Salt forms on the shores and Halite is born.

Halite can be found in many colors from colorless, pink, peach, blue and violet depending on the impurities that are added to it.  For example, the pink or peach colored Halite gets its color from the bacteria in the water as it is formed.

The energy of halite is calm and soothing.  It is known to be a stone of clarity helping the user to think clearly, rid confusion and foggy thinking. Because of the chemical composition (salt), it is also a cleansing stone and helps to clear the air around it ridding the space of stagnant energy.

Physically, it is said that Halite can help cleanse toxins from the cells of the body as well as rid us of unresolved emotional experiences.  Like other salt stones, the Halite is also used for breathing issues such as allergies, asthma and lungs. Other issues Halite can help with are migraines, fever and infections.

Chakras: Heart
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Chemical Comp: Sodium Chloride
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