Desert Rose (Gypsum)

Desert Rose has many names....Sand Rose, Selenite Rose and  Gypsum Rose are common.  The Desert Rose is actually 

is a form of gypsum, very similar to Selenite. It is found in dry, arid desert type regions and is formed when desert sand becomes embedded in it forming that iconic rosette formation. 

Desert Roses are very delicate specimens (only 2 on the mohs hardness scale) but they have a very high vibration which makes them wonderful stones to work with the Crown Chakra and help us in connecting with our spirit guides or to help increase our intuition.  They have been used as protective talismans for many years helping to increase self-confidence.  They are especially helpful to those who are shy or timid because it helps them to break out of their shell and find their true talents.  It has been sais they work especially well with children or teens.

When using the Desert Rose in connection with the Crown Chakra you will not only increase your intuitiveness and psychic abilities but it helps with creativity too.

Although the Desert Rose has a high vibrational energy, it does also have a soothing and calming effect. 

Emotionally, the Desert Rose can help with:
    Increasing your psychic abilities
    Connecting with spirit guides
    Over-coming phobias, especially claustrophobia
    Dealing with grief
    Letting go of things or emotions that have been keeping you from living your best life

      Physically, Desert Rose can help with:

        Travel sickness 
        Viral infections
        Prostate issues
          Chakras: Root, Crown
          Astrological Sign: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn
          Number Vibration: 11
          MOHS: 2
          Chemical Comp: CaSO4 2(H2O) Hydrated Calcium Sulfate