Crown Chakra

Find stones to work with your Crown Chakra.  Although the stones listed in this section are a good representation of what you can use, they are not the only stones you can use for this Chakra. 

When your Crown Chakra is balanced, you have wisdom and a spiritual connection. You are able to trust in your higher self and know that you are guided in what you do. There is unification of the higher self and a oneness with the infinite. You have spiritual will, inspiration, divine wisdom and understanding.

The Crown Chakra is our foundation for our spiritual body.  It is our connection to that place of "all-knowing" and relates to consciousness. It associates with our cerebral cortex, our central nervous system and of course....the pituitary gland.  It is that place that connects us with God, it is the Chakra of divine purpose and personal destiny.

An imbalance in the Crown Chakra can cause problems with self-confidence, anxiety, depression headaches, boredom and you may have an inability to learn. You may have a lack of inspiration, become confused and even develop senility and psychological problems.

Color: Violet

Location: Top of the Head

Mantra: I am one with the infinite, I have spiritual will, divine wisdom & understanding 
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