Aquamarine is also known as the water stone and resonates with the energy of the ocean.  In ancient times, seamen used it to keep them safe while out on the ocean to protect them against drowning.
Aquamarine is a wonderful Throat Chakra stone, it helps remove any communication blocks we may have so that we can clearly and eloquently speak our truth, without judgement against others while encouraging tolerance.
As a Heart Chakra stone, it helps us to release old patterns of behavior that prevent us from spiritual growth.
Intuitively, the Aquamarine will bring in higher frequency information through the Third Eye Chakra.
Chakras: Heart, 3rd Eye, Throat
Astrological Sign: Aries, Gemini, Pisces
Number Vibration: 1
Chemical Comp: (Be3_Al2_Si6_O18)_Beryllium_Aluminum_Silicate 
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