How to choose the right crystals

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How to shop for and select your crystals

Oh me, Oh my!  So you want to buy a crystal.....or maybe a few....or a few thousand (like me)!  How do you know which crystal(s) to choose?  This is probably the single most frequently asked question I get asked in my classes and in the shop.

So, I'm going to go over all the different ways that you can choose your crystals.  There are no rules to choosing crystals but listed below are some guidelines to help you get started.

  • Basically, any crystal that feels good to you is the right one for you at that moment.  I am a firm believer in letting the crystals do the choosing.  Have you ever been just really drawn to a specific crystal while walking through a shop?  Like you even felt it was just calling your name?  When this happens - BUY IT!
  • Books, lists and recommendations from others.  When you are looking for crystals for a specific purpose, there are a lot of really great books out there to help guide us.  Some of my favorites are listed here.
    • The Crystal Healer by Phillip Permutt
    • The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall
    • The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian
    • The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall
  • Research mineral & elemental content (periodic table).  Find out what elements the stone is made of to see what will work best for your situation.  For example, if you need work on your root chakra or feel you need to be more grounded I recommend Hematite.  Why?  because it is made of iron and iron resonates with our root chakra (our core).  Here are some other tips:
    • Quartz is Silicon Dioxide (One atom of silicon and two atoms of oxygen make up one molecule of silicon dioxide)  Quartz resonates with our bodies because we are mostly made up of guess what?...... Silicon Dioxide!
    • Rose Quartz has manganese (manganese is known for calming)
    • Lepidolite has lithium (lithium is known to calm people down, and often used in medication)
  • Use you own intuition.  This is by far the most powerful way to choose crystals and it is the way that I strongly recommend everyone use.  You don't have to be psychic to do this, simply use your own senses and see what your own gut tells you.
  • Using various forms of Clairs
  • Meditate with the crystals, see how they resonate with you (everyone's DOR is different)

Note: When meditating with your crystals, you should do this with 1 crystal at a time and you should make sure you are in an Alpha state (brainwave state where you are relaxed).  Pay attention to any messages, images or symbols you receive during this process.

  • Lastly, simply just match the color of the stone to the corresponding Chakras in your body.  For example, if you need work on your Solar Plexus which is Yellow, choose a Yellow colored stone.  If you need work on your heart, you would choose a green colored stone.
  • Color allows harmonizing of photons of light to generate color therapy
  • Specific frequencies (colors) in the EMF will entrain and change emotional & biological state

So, you see there are a number of ways that you can choose crystals, the only wrong way is to not buy them at all!


Later, Crystal Sisters!


The Crystal Girl


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